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Welcome to Yonder Carolina! 



Yonder Carolina exists as a website and social media platform to publicly house digital history projects focused on the Carolinas and surrounding areas. YC's goal is to share local history with the community in a way that is engaging and educational. Viewers and fellow colleagues are invited into the research process through the use of social media, as Amelia travels to different historical sites across the region.

With a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Art History and currently is pursuing her Master’s in Public History at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Amelia focuses her research on the Carolinas. Amelia considers local history, history that she can see every day, to be the most interesting and engaging to research and share with the public. As a curator and art gallery director, Amelia finds the focus on Public History allows her to combine her artistic and curatorial skills with her love of history, research and community engagement. 

Amelia Zytka 2023
Belmont Abbey, Belmont, NC, 
North Carolina Museums Council

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