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Primary Sources


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Journals and Newspapers


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Special Consultants


Booker, Kyle, Assistant Site Manager, 2023


Davis, Ed. Historic Interpreter, 2023.


Glover, Michele. Historic Interpreter, 2023. 


Hall, Jeff, Historic Interpreter, 2023.


Killough, Rochelle, Historic Interpreter, 2023.


Thornberry, Mark, Videographer and Photographer, 2023.


Smith, Emily Kiwi, Historic Interpreter, 2023.


Warren, Scott, Site Manager, 2023.


Woods, Trevor, Digital Media Consultant, 2023.


Zytka, Simon, Videographer Consultant, 2023.




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Settlers in the Pennsylvania and Carolina Backcountry. Chapel Hill: The University 

Of North Carolina Press, 2012.


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UNC Charlotte, 2014.


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